thrown backfire official video



Video by John Gyllhamn
Mix/master by Buster Odeholm

You talk a lot of s*** when out of sight
You’re all bark, no bite – you’re fragile
Keep avoiding the fight while running your mouth
Since I’m such a big part of your miserable life

It’s so pathetic how you keep pointing out (keep pointing out)
All the things that you think I might lack (f*** that)
And tragic how you overcompensate
What made you so obsessed with me?

I am living inside your head
You want me gone but I think I’ll stay
Took it way too far and now it’s time to pay
Keep losing sleep in the bed you made

Boy, you’e way out of line
No respect nor a spine
So just take your best shot
The pleasure’s all mine
Boy, you’re way out of line
No respect nor a spine
So take your best shot
‘Cause I know you’ll f*** up

What made you so f*****g obsessed with me?
When I don’t keep you awake, I haunt you in your dreams
‘Cause I am living inside your head
I never intended to
Yet here I am