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REAL DEAL – “Better Days” (Official Music Video)

Track Recorded by: Sébastien Langle
Track Mixed by: Sébastien Langle
Filmed by: Impuls’ live
Directed by: Christophe Garnier
Images: Boris Bernard-Bry, Christophe Garnier, Cyrille Gendron
Record Label: Useless Pride Records

Coming back from the middle of nowhere,
I was lost in a smoky tunnel.
The turbulence zone was incredible,
The weather was turning stormy and the fall was irréversible.
Like in a plane out of control with a crazy pilot who burnt his last engine.
I fasten my seatbelt, I try to take back the controls and straighten the helm to limit the shock.
And land with the lowest possible damage.

When you think all is fine, nothing is ever acquired.
Truth is not really the one I think.
Even if you trying to hide it’s gonna fuck your mine.
The risk is high and you don’t wan’t to think.

For better days!

It’s strange how things went wrong so quickly you just needed a change of scenery
I’m afraid, I’ve already lost you,
I wan’t to hold you in my arms.
I hope this confusion won’t last
These words come as late as your fate.
I wish you no harm but I know it will end badly
I’ve been stuck for several days trying to find a way

For better days

Hope for better days to not stick to all those things.
Hope for better days to not think to this shit.
Hope for better days to not keep useless stories.
Now that’s all I have to remind me of you…