cruzh fl89 official lyric video

Cruzh – FL89 – Official Lyric Video

“FL89” Lyrics:

Don’t look it’s a vile n’ tragic scene, in the backseat of a limousine
Profile is shining in the night, by the moon light from the city sky
Like a wildcat prowling after more, silly me just kickin’ open doors
Simple signs are easy to believe. What’s so hard? I’m going to succeed
We’re bound to live forever
I know that you’d be surely mine
If this was 1989
Like a moment lost in time
Feels like 1989
Hard times for a living is the rule. Sunscreen and Jackie is my fuel
Can’t stop forgetting time and space, when I close my eyes I see your face
Framed up and pretty on the wall, staring at you waiting for the call
If you hang up memories will haunt, follow me I’ll take you where you want
Hold tight it’s now or never


This is your captain speaking. I’m calling out to the people of the jungle. Stay cool for the past, the present, and the future
I don’t mind the bad behavior I’ve got one more life before I’m done
We rule the night


STUDIO: Tone Tension Productions.
Drums recorded at Studiefrämjandet Helsingborg.
Anton’s guitars, Johan’s guitars and Butabi’s bass recorded at Hard To Get Studios.
Backing vocals recorded at Hard To Get Studios and Fir-Street Studios.
Keyboards recorded at Studio Chariot
Piano recorded at Tone Tension Productions.
Lead vocals recorded at Hard To Get Studios and Fir-Street Studios.
MIXED BY: Erik Wiss

Cruzh are:
Dennis Butabi Borg – bass/backing vocals
Anton Joensson – guitar/backing vocals
Matt Silver – drums/backing vocals
Alex Waghorn – lead vocals/backing vocals
Johan Öberg – guitar