april art jackhammer official music video

APRIL ART – JACKHAMMER (Official Music Video)

Official music video for “JACKHAMMER” by April Art

Directed and Edited by: Ben Juelg
DOP: Sören Roth, Patric Lange
Shot in Miami and on the 70000 tons of Metal cruise.

Audio Produced by Ben Juelg
Co-Produced and arranged by April Art
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Ben Juelg

JACKHAMMER is written by: April Art
Lisa-Marie Watz – Vocals
Chris Bunnell – Guitar
Julian Schuetze – Bass
Ben Juelg – Drums

Lyrics by: Lisa-Marie Watz


In the city of dreams, chasing the light
I go all in, fight the trials of the night
But doubt and fear always awake on the day
But I choose the sound, it’s guiding my way

I got that Jackhammer
’bout to blow up my everything Got that power grounded
And my whole world is shakin’ Got that Jackhammer
It ain’t me that is breaking
‘Cause I’m not alone
I got that Rock’n Roll

cuz you’re comin with
First things first, I’m kickin’ in the door
No turn-in’ back, no play-in’ small
I roll the dice in the neon lights
Till I find my own paradise

With every heartbeat, I’m shaking the ground
free the lion in me, I’m unchained and unbound
I walk this path, on my own, even though I’m afraid
But I am not alone here facing the shade