yes the ice bridge official video

The Ice Bridge (Official Video)

a. Eyes East b. Race Against Time c. Interactiona. Eyes EastThose that have lived before They breathe and walk through us A course relayed Round our sacred fires That light up these hillsides At dawn we shall beginWith fear of extinction We’re pushed to the edge of the ice Instinctive direction X2a drive to surviveAll eyes to the east All eyes to the east In a vision Snowflower Elder crossedHe has seen Snowflower Elder He has walked forest green All eyes to the eastStand tribe to tribe For we are the lords of the future True pillars of life And if we’re to arrive Through such desperate times We must stand unifiedTraces of ancestral faces Project on a blizzard torn sky In a game of do or die Fly clear with the falcon Perceive through the eagle’s eye This is exponential ancient overdriveNo turning back We must cross the Ice Bridge Onward to sunrise In a race against timeb. Race Against TimeAll eyes to the east In a vision Snowflower Elder crossedAll eyes to the east In a vision Snowflower Elder walked Lands of greenc. InteractionJon Davison: vocals Steve Howe: Gibson J15 acoustic, Variax Sitar Guitar, Gibson Les Paul Roland, Fender Electric mandolin Geoff Downes: piano, Hammond organ, synths Billy Sherwood: Spector bass guitar Alan White: drums

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