yes the quest (2021)

Dare To Know

Текст песни:

I’ve got an idea, been on my mind
I’ll share it with you and see what we find
As a matter of fact, things keep on changing
They’re stirring up patterns that keep on rearranging rearranging

Beauty performs shaped by the wind
Sunsets align with discipline
Feeling a sense of urgency
We live with so much uncertainty

We rest on a breath, hang by a limb
Balancing hope to only win

Rituals to celebrate, words to chant await
Things start to happen, they form in a pattern
Seeing their rays of hope, to really help them cope
They mustn’t be ignored, search the lost chord

Jon Davison: vocal duet

Steve Howe: vocal duet, Gibson ES157D and Les Paul Junior, Martin MC28 and 12 string, Fender Stratocaster rhythm part

Geoff Downes: Hammond organ

Billy Sherwood: Spector bass guitar

Alan White: drums

Fame’s Studio Orchestra

Oleg Kondratenko: Conductor

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