the monarch when death finds you official music video

When Death Finds You – Official Music Video

– The Monarch –
Chris Clancy – Vox
Marco Martell – Guitars
Marc Rizzo – Guitars
Tony Campos – Bass
Dave Kinkade – Drums

Vjollca Kinkade – “The beauty in death”
Victoria Kinkade – “The Monarch”

Music & lyrics written by The Monarch
Produced by Dave Kinkade & Vince Ippolito
Recorded & engineered by Vince Ippolito – Swift Road Studios
Additional drum engineering by Kanky Lora – The Beat Lab Recordings
Mixed & mastered by Chris Collier

Performances shot and edited by Alex Zarek & Brian Olivo
Narrative directed and shot by Marco Martell
Lighting design and programing by Brian Olivo
Production assistance by Austin Armstrong
“When Death Finds You” storyline by Dave Kinkade & Marco Martell

Copyright 2023 In Shadows Recordings
Distributed by Art Is War/ Godsize records