jaws of fenrir volfgang twins

Volfgang Twins – JAWS OF FENRIR

JAWS OF FENRIR written and recorded by VolfgangTwins
Music Video by VolfgangTwins
Mixed and mastered by Volfgang Twins

Inspiration – In Germanic mythology, Fenrir is a monstrous wolf that will terrorize the world once he breaks from his chains in Ragnarök. Fenrir is bound by Gleipnir, a magic dwarf crafted chain made by robbing the world of six ingredients, things that no longer exist in Asgaard. Tricked and lured into this chain by the Aesir, he devoured Tyr’s arm furious that he would not be released as promised. Odin’s doom lies in the Jaws of Fenrir when ultimately Odin will fight the wolf and be swallowed whole in end times. Fenrir is usually a negative force in the sagas, and is the child of Loki.

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