tomorrows rain roads feat. heljarmadr of dark funeral tony wakeford of sol invictus

Tomorrow’s Rain – Roads feat. Heljarmadr of Dark Funeral & Tony Wakeford of Sol Invictus

Second single of the highly anticipated upcoming album “Ovdan” to be released on 19th April 2024 and has guests from The True Mayhem, Dark Funeral, Unanimated, Xmal Deutschland, Depressive Age, Sol Invictus, The Sisters of Mercy and Michael Denner, well known for his work with King Diamond & MERCYFUL FATE

Produced by Arie Aranovich and Tomorrows Rain
Mixed and Mastered by Arie Aranovich

Video by Andrea Mantelli
Heljarmadr: Guest vocals
Tony Wakeford: Guest vocals
Yoram Hazan: Vocals and Saxophone
Photos by: Kobi Richter

Yishai Sweartz: Vocals
Raffy Mor: Guitars
Yoni Biton: Guitars
Yaggel Cohen: Bass
Alex Karlinsky: Keyboards
Nir Nakav: Drums

It’s a long long road
The promise of salvation to stay
It keeps me hangin’ on
To carry on this way

And the same old song
Still playing on
All the time
Old man, faceless
Memories of children’s dreams
Horns of our clock
Ticking’ through days of hope

And the same old song
Still playing on
All the time

אחרי ההלם שקט בא

קור של סוף עוטף אותך
מתוך הבור מתוך השכחה
ואין לו סוף או התחלה
ואין לה סוף לנפילה

There’s no one to comfort me tomorrow, this road I had enough of, long sleepless nights to become a fevered circle in my wounded heart, well what’s the point if your ego is based on your success, so the story goes on like game of chess and the winds blow wild…

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