to kill achilles the cave official video


Written by To Kill Achilles
Produced & Engineered by Kieran Smith & Mark Tindal
Mixed by Kieran Smith
Mastered by Mark Tindal
Filmed by Kaz Coles
Edited by Mark Tindal

So as the flowers begin to blossom
I feel myself coming out of the costume
That I dawned last halloween
I feel the winter months are so mean to me
And I reflect it in every scene that I play
Spend my nights alone and pray that in the morning I see rays of sunshine amongst
the grey
But all I get is just more rainy days
I like the cave
And yeah itʼs dark but it feels safe and Iʼm not ready to behave like everyone walking
the pavement
Theyʼre all exposed, to the elements and expectations of a life I should be living
No Iʼm not ready to thrive so I just stay inside
But I keep looking for the rays of sunshine
Peering through cracks for signs I make it back
So I ask a favour of everyone who ever cared, please swear that from time to time
youʼll let me cross your mind, and come visit the cave and ask me if Iʼm ready to
leave, and if I still say no, on your way out as you wrestle through the trees, remove
a branch and leave a ray of light to let me know that youʼll be back when the time is
right and weʼll walk out hand in hand when I have won this fight
Oh would you
Be the light to my dark
And could you
Comfort me and my lonely heart
Oh would you
Be the light to my dark
And could you
Pick me up when I fall apart
Itʼs not selfish to work on yourself
But I still need your help
‘Cause Iʼve been in here for a while
And I still need to see you smile
And I still need to hear you say that this is gonna be ok
And if it takes more time
Thatʼs alright ‘cause I will make it to the light
If you can promise youʼll be there
If you can promise I can meet you in the fresh air

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