awaken i am 22tightrope22 official music video

Tightrope – (Official Music Video)

Directed by Colin Jeffs


Fighting with violence on my mind,
Thoughts I can’t define tell me I’m waiting here to die,
Running out of time I find myself wondering,
Why try when every ending is in sight?

Maybe I’m just scared to grow,
Too afraid of letting go,
And I confess I’m so alone,
I’m on a tightrope, scared to die young.
Every color fades to gray,
As the feeling fades away,
And I confess I’ve dug my grave,
I’m on a tightrope, scared to die young.

Now I’m ashamed what I gave then was not enough,
I’m not the same as the day that I’m talking of,
But I’m aware that I’m barely just hanging on,
I see my shame in the darkness I’m running from.

And I find myself wondering, why try when I’m on the edge of a knife?

And now it’s clear I’ve come undone,
We said that what’s done is done,
And I’m aware I’m drawing blood,
To settle what I’ve become.