annisokay throne of the sunset official video

Throne of the Sunset – (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

ANNISOKAY’s new single ‘Throne Of The Sunset’!

Produced by Christoph Wieczorek, Benny Richter & Julian Breucker at Sawdust Recordings
Mixed and mastered by Christoph Wieczorek
Recorded by Vince Ebicht

Director: Christoph Wieczorek
DOP: Peter Leukhardt
VFX Artist: Arthur Baum


I can be the master
I can be the slave
I could move mountains
Or dig someone else’s grave
Will I be forgotten
Like tracks in the snow
Did i make a difference
To this life I know

Time keeps ticking on
And we can’t outrun the sun
In this race that can’t be won

At the throne of the sunset
We all fall to our knees
As the light fades to darkness
Our fate is what we believe
As above so below
We´re all part of the same show
On the throne of the sunset
Even gods will have to go

Fill your cup till its over
Be yourself, don’t obey
So, Come Hell or high water
We will all die the same
How can I find meaning
When I live to let go
If I keep believing
Will this save my soul?

In The Void Our Hope Slowely Vains
Don´t you know that we leave as we came ?
Stuck in a Race
From the cradle to the grave
Don´t you know that we leave as we came ?
What if we all die in vein ?
As above so below
Life will move on for us all
Every hunter will be hunted
At the edge of the time