bleed from within the will to resist official visualizer


Video by Alix Vallier

Written and produced by Bleed From Within
Mixed by Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood
Additional production by Jamie Finch
Strings arranged & composed by Simon Dobson

Those that turn on the masquerade
A show for the ages will manifest a soul worth saving
The will to test the strength of self

Separate from the source
This dictates the course of thought
Yet we struggle to escape
Thoughts like bullets and broken wit

I am the radiance, the radiance and the abyss
The world can’t ask for more
It’s all that I’ve got
The will to resist

The remedy, a shop bought shield sold to medicate and line my grave
Just fucking bury me
I try once more
The will to test the strength of self

Legacy in the way of progress
Lost in all the self made bullshit
We struggle to escape
The world found hope and it’s six feet deep

A nest in the mind of mine and yours
Spawns a thought we can not cure
Through the day, the soul endures
The strength to heal this is mine and yours

Thoughts crippling me
I see the end, I repent!
I’ve fallen again
Over the edge,
Is it fear of the end?

Or a sign of progress
In spite of all the self made bullshit
The world found hope