rivers of nihil the sub orbital blues official video

The Sub-Orbital Blues (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Can you see it?
Believe me that
Our dreams will orbit the earth forever
My heroes left me here in
1917 I fear
To ponder and perform
The religion of dogs of war
But I can only lift that cup long enough to fill my mouth
We’ll suffer, and scorn
Another 800 billion suckers born
And it ain’t lost on me (see it)
That code is all I’m gonna be (believe it)
But our dreams will orbit the earth forever

Oh yeah I got ‘em bad
Got them suborbital blues baby

Is oh so temporary (I’ve got my feet on the ground)
We’ve all been waiting (waiting to escape this world)
This obsession (will)
Digitize perceptions
Save us (save us)
We live forever (save me from that hole in the ground)

But now I’m light as a feather
Just ones n zeros
Is this heaven?
I don’t feel
I don’t think
Just want St. Peter to let me in

Because my sea is a black sea
And the air is trying to kill me
Oh god save me

Now they’re dragging out the bodies
To dig their holes in the ground again
Throw your children to the sky
See the widowed mothers crying again
Tell me what will you do? (What will you do?)
Yeah have you heard the news?
I don’t think we’re gonna make It
(what will you do?)
Because government is coming for you.

Do you see it?
Believe in it?
(Launch me into orbit)
Our dreams will orbit the earth forever

The dead they speak to me
Told me you can’t break free
But they don’t see
What I’ve seen
So I tell them how it’s gonna
Tell me can you see it (see)
I don’t believe it (believe it)
When our dreams will orbit the earth forever