shylmagoghnar the sea official video napalm records

The Sea – (Official Video)

Video directed & produced by Minghao Xu (Void Visuals). Instrument shots by Nimblkorg.

Lo, in the distance - a riddle ascends
Where the rivers find the ocean
Where all boundaries end
And with every step closer, one will know what it meant

Where the streams converge in song,
Strange patterns of emergent forms
Undulate a transient light; its vibrant dance resemblant of the mind
Grudges and beliefs, now nothing but a stirring of the sea
Futile to hold on to waves which in a blink are already

is the will that drove me to my foolish deeds
Gone like the pain; that searing friend accompanying my way
Oh that mortal song
With which it all had ended and begun
Thank you for the times
You have bled with me before we had

To die

is but a step; let the open waters drink all your regrets
Rejoin with the all; shattered at birth now whole again becomes
Return to a time when the cosmos was your mother and your child
and all that you wrought is a dream that when you woke up you forgot

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