rage of light the scent of dead leaves official video

The Scent Of Dead Leaves – (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

RAGE OF LIGHT – “The Scent Of Dead Leaves”

Music by Jonathan Pellet and Martyna Halas
Lyrics by Martyna Halas
Recorded by Martyna Halas, Simon Burri and Jonathan Pellet
Mixed and mastered by Thomas “Drop” Betrisey (Downtone Studio – http://downtonestudio.com)

Music video produced by Rage Of Light
Filmed by Jonathan Pellet and Simon Burri
Directed and edited by Jonathan Pellet (Jonathan P. Productions)
Makeup and hair : Giana Schüpbach (https://instagram.com/make.upbygiana)

Kulturzentrum Galvanik Zug
Eila and Harry : thank you so much !
Giana : thanks for your awesome work and precious help !