dead heaven the quiet official music video

The Quiet – (Official Music Video)

The Quiet by Dead Heaven

Written by Dead Heaven

Mixed and Mastered by Elliot Prudence

Directed, filmed, & edited by Jay Hillyer

There’s comfort in the quiet, what’s louder is denial.
I’m fading fast, I’m coming undone.
Face to face with my real life.
The colours fading and I’m dead inside.
I’m dead inside.

Think I’m addicted to the way that you case me aside.
It's like I need the fucking pain just to feel alive.
Am I alive? Am I alive?

Or am I a ghost, lost in the fallout?
Thrown to the cold, I’m trying to remember when I felt warmth.
Cause these days I just feel numb.
So sick of never being good enough.

Too many blood stains on the walls, too many broken memories.
The ends don’t justify the means and all you do it take, take, take.
Am I addicted to this? Am I addicted to this?
Am I alive? Am I alive?

I need the pain, to feel alive.