nita strauss the golden trail feat. anders friden of in flames official music video

The Golden Trail – feat. Anders Fridén of IN FLAMES (Official Music Video)


Radiation from days of past
Taste of sulphur from the acid rain
Lost the momentum
Lost the rage
Feel like six feet under but I am awake

When placed against the feeling
Like days that never end
Trembling in a vacuum
But I can’t forget so I call your name

I can see right through it all
Yet I can’t escape the sirens song
Making sure they never will
But who am I to tell right from wrong

It’s safe to say that I can’t tell
“There’s the moment” when all senses fail
Head to wall, I rush right in
Searching for the golden trail

Seconds pass and there’s no way
Doesn’t seem the same at all
For once I wanna feel something
Been here before but then I fall

Is there light at the end at all?
(If not) how will I know when I get too far?