dance gavin dance the ghost of billy royalton official visualizer

The Ghost of Billy Royalton – (Official Visualizer)

Dance Gavin Dance’s “The Ghost of Billy Royalton”

Single art by Matt McDougall

I’m drowning in blue light
It’s a new knife
In a three legged pant
I have no qualities so don’t talk to me
I’m in love with that plant
Now I could be too nice
I could do right
I could bust out a rant
I still hate the game
But I’ll say the name
It’s Dance Gavin Dance
Ha ha

Putting all your faith in lies
I’ve been facing endless trials
Numbered all your days in kind
Days in kind
Try and stop me

Banking on the fragments of my shadow
Dropping off excuses on the way
Thank god I know the road back home
You’re a battered thief in the night
At best you’re a parasite
Thank god I know the road back home
You’re an outed spook with a knife
Go on and wallow in your spite

Every body come
Cause the lord got into me
Put me on the board of the soul shine company
Every body poor til their heart start opening (up)
Never am I bored since the lord got into me

Let’s clap for healing it
And feeling it
Alleviate pain
I’m looking at the truth of it
The root of it
Stop dragging my wings
I fear I’m not enough
Or I’m too much
Keep scrubbing that stain
I’m responsible
It’s possible
Let it process and drain

What about that Skywalker OG
JP3 Alan
Put bass down
I’ll write around it
That trust just comes with the talent
Some things you can’t replace
Hurt yourself if you even try it
Keep going and you will survive it
DGD always stay united

When it comes and goes
We stay composed and we don’t ever want to talk about it
When we’re on the ropes
We blow out shows
And you can try and stop me

The pain never stops
And the world is unforgiving
But I still wish you were here
To watch it burn with me
I’ll never forget
Our days in Tokyo, Japan
Those were the best times I ever had
I’ll carry on
For however long
Walk the path that you taught me
Until I feel your embrace
I know I’ll see you again
You’re a part of me always