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The Gates Of Time (Official Video)

Mixed and Mastered by Jacob Hansen
Drum and vocal recording by Jacob Hansen
Produced by The Dark Side Of The Moon
Co-Produced by Simon Michael
Guitar recording by Hans Platz
Programmings by Simon Michael
Bass by Fabio Trentini

Melissa Bonny (vocals)
Hans Platz (guitars)
Jenny Diehl (harp)
Morten Løwe Sørensen (drums)


My silent tears, falling down
The river I follow guides me
In the shadows of my doubts
A fire I can’t ignite

It doesn’t feel right
I am still paralysed
By the sound of your screams
When I see you in my dreams

You’re away too far away
You’ve been gone so long
But the echoes of your name remain
Until this day where you belong

Through the gates of time
I’ll keep your memory alive
Away too far away
But I still wait
For your lost soul to come back to me

A piece of blade planted in my heart
All these years, I still bleed somehow
In the ocean of my cries
The oxygen I find

And one day somehow
It starts to fade out
Even though I believe
I still call your name, I call your name in my dreams

In the shadow of a doubt
A tear drop in my eye
I am longing for a another sunrise
with you by my side