the eternal skinwalker official lyric video

THE ETERNAL – Skinwalker (Official Lyric Video)

Taken off the album “Skinwalker” (June 28th, 2024)

“Skinwalker” emerges as a unique track on the album, delving into the depths of darkness and experimentation. Featuring the acclaimed Tuvan throat singer Albert Kuvezin (Yat-Kha) and Russian singer Emily Saaen, the song incorporates unearthly drones that add an otherworldly dimension to the track. The Eternal masterfully crafts a piece of profound heaviness, with Jan Rechberger’s hypnotic percussion laying down a solid foundation for the ethereal drones and heavy builds. Mark Kelson’s vocals take on an almost chant-like quality, enhancing the haunting atmosphere of the track. Niclas Etelävuori’s driving bass and Richie Poate’s atmospheric guitar parts fill out the eerie atmosphere the band creates. Lyrically, “Skinwalker” explores the metaphor of a shapeshifting entity, akin to the mythical figure of a Skinwalker, representing someone who appears one way but changes shape to adapt to their surroundings. The song delves into the theme of betrayal and emotional vampirism, as the deceptive figure drains the essence of others before departing from their lives.

Music by Jan Rechberger, Mark Kelson, Niclas Etelaevuori, Richie Poate
Lyrics by Mark Kelson
Produced by Mark Kelson, Richie Poate & Jan Rechberger
Mixed by Mark Kelson & Jan Rechberger
Recorded, mixed & mastered at Crystal Mastering, Melbourne, Australia
Video produced by Mark Kelson
Skinwalker character & textures by Travis Smith seempieces

Mark Kelson – Vocals, guitars
Richie Poate – Guitars
Niclas Etelävuori – Bass
Jan Rechberger – Drums, percussion


And the soul becomes the night
Changing shape within
And the soul becomes undone
Shifting shape to feed
And the soul becomes the light
Burning with the disease
In the soul remains a seed
Planting hate to breed

And the soul becomes bereaved
Then the Skinwalker breeds…

Then the Skinwalker breeds…

And flesh becomes the tomb
Burying all the lies
And the flesh you will exhume
Before the soul it dies
And the flesh it will ignite
Burning with the disease
In this flesh remains a seed
Spawning hate to breed

And the soul becomes aggrieved
Then the Skinwalker breeds…

And a soul becomes deceived
As the Skinwalker breeds…
And a soul it is conceived
As the Skinwalker breeds…