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Before My Eyes (Official Music Video)

Music & lyrics by: The Compromise
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by: Andrea Fusini
Video directed by: The Compromise
Shot by: Edoardo Giuliani and Simone Visconti
Edited by: Edoardo Giuliani

I don’t know if there’s a path
We are all meant to take
But the world it’s a such a sh*tty place where we can’t hide

And there’s no point in dressing
Your best fake smile
Act like you don’t care to be
Dragged by the tide
Lose control because your tearing inside

And when there’s nothing left inside my heart

I will be standing still
The chances here before my eyes
They fade away
You were right here before and I let you go.

Looking around while I drive
The sun doesn’t set
But it seems not to shine

Didn’t think I would never care about love
‘Cause these silly dirty jokes it’s all I noted
My lack of concern seems a crime like a gambler I will bet my life

I’ll be standing still
My dreams are bound to crumble
Right before my eyes again
Like castles made of sand
Day by day
Gets harder then before, and I will
Roll the dice and hope you will keep me alive