the young hearts take a ride official music video

Take A Ride – (Official Music Video)

LYRICS: Give up the ghost play a song that everyone knows We’ll sing and dance for tonight And forget the sound of silence on the radio We trade money for blood these days Chase the fires of our youth away Let’s hope there’s something left to ease the pain Have you ever felt like this before If the river is wild, it’s wild enough To drag you from the floor From the city back home to the south east coast The tell tale signs of the time of your life Let it shake, through your flesh and bone But In the dead of the night when that silence speaks Should I bury my doubts Or let the ghosts catch up with me What’s it gonna be What’s it like on the edge Is the whole world still at your feet As you hang from your fingertips You can hold on next to me Smile just like you mean it Cause there’s no comfort in the dark If we’re the victims, who’s the killer It’s just a need to play a part It’s a hell of a ride We fight for nothing And surrender everything I am just so comfortably numb Let’s take a ride Turn the engine over tonight And let’s hope there’s still some magic in the dust