being as an ocean swallowed by the earth official music video

Swallowed By The Earth – (Official Music Video)

Being As An Ocean - Swallowed By The Earth

Written By:
Joel Quartuccio, Michael McGough, Phil Gornell, Zach Jones

Lyrics By:
Joel Quartuccio

Performed By:
Being As An Ocean

Produced/Mixed By:
Phil Gornell

Mastered By:
Will Yip

Filmed by Murry Deaves and Gene Ramirez
Edited by Tre Film



Do you think that you’re the only one who’s been disappointed?
That no matter what you give, efforts fail, plans become disjointed?
It breaks my heart to tell you, but what saying is true
No matter how much we ignore it, we all toy with the idea of forfeit
To suffer is human
If you are going through crisis, where do you put all of the pain?
We’re so accustomed to violence
Are we addicted to rage?
If you are stifled dryness, how do you call down the rain?
When our fury is met with silence, we are the ones who must change
I know what it feels like to think your every blessings a curse
I’ve tasted the horror to witness all I’ve built be swallowed by the earth
We are all given a choice
We will all experience the purest of defeats
Will we let piteous anger consume us, or remain vulnerable and proudly bleed?
In the face of horror, be brave, proudly bleed
Anger’s chains will loosen
In the end, you’ll be freed
Don’t let self-pity be your cage
To suffer is human
Embrace the ebb and flow of change
Our soul’s evolution