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Spektra – “Freefall” (Official Music Video)

From the upcoming album “Hypnotized”.

“Freefall” Lyrics:

How does it feel, to be on your own
When everything you see, is your own shadow on the wall
How do you deal, with your tangled mind
Deep inside you’re so afraid, you think you’re cruel but you’re a lie…

So you think you’re dangerous, a ticking bomb, you feel victorious
Defying freefall, dangerous too dangerous

Wounded you’ll be, on the road again
With the look of a wolf, with the strength of a lamb
May your mistakes, make you understand
So your life won’t go astray, and take again your climbing way…

So you think you’re dangerous, a ticking bomb
You feel victorious, defying freefall, dangerous too dangerous
Loneliness you will find, in your cold paradise
Fears will come back to life, dangerous too dangerous

You’re trapped in your web of lies, give in, you won’t make it this time
Or you won’t heal your dying heart

Spektra are:
Eduardo Cominato
Leo Mancini
Henrique Canalle

Produced By: Spektra
Studio: Henrique Canale Mix studio
Recorded By: Henrique Canale
Mixed and mastered by: Henrique Canale