six foot six the prodigy a templars tale pt. 1 lyric video

SIX FOOT SIX – The Prodigy (A Templar’s Tale pt. 1) (Lyric Video)

‘The Prodigy (A Templar’s Tale pt. 1)’ is the fourth single and third video taken from the new Six Foot Six album ‘Beggar’s Hill’, released on December 8th.

‘A Templar’s Tale’ is a trilogy of songs and videos based upon Jan Guillou’s books about the Swedish knight templar Arn Magnusson.

Music: Christoffer Borg
Lyrics: Kristoffer Göbel/Jonte Eliasson
Special guest on the drums: Snowy Shaw
Published by Scarlet Records Srl
Video by Frode Hovde


Of noble blood a young boy climbed as before on the wall.
From far above he tumbled down. Hit the ground, life was stalled

For days and nights the deepest prayers were heard across the barren land.
They offered him the holy war. A prodigy was standing tall

Engage the prophecy

He’ll fight and pray. So far away.
In holy wars. On a distant shore

Work, work, work for your life
The labor will come to an end.
Pray, pray, pray for the day.
The day when these shackles will break

Fight, fight, fight for your house.
The family name is at stake.
Kill, kill, killed by your sword.
Let family justice prevail

He’ll fight and pray. So far away.
In holy wars. On a distant shore

Blood sweat and tears.
Trained by your master’s hand.
Pray that you make it one day

Kristoffer Göbel – vocals , guitar
Christoffer Borg – guitar
Markus Gustafsson – bass
Snowy Shaw – drums (album special guest)