cobrakill 22same ol nasty rock n roll22 official music video

Same Ol’ Nasty Rock N’ Roll – Official Music Video

“Same Ol’ Nasty Rock N’ Roll” Lyrics:

Hit it!

Me and the Boys
We‘ve lived in the shade
A reckless life
We are stricken by fate

I can‘t get no satisfaction
From the ordinary things in life
Cause I want more more more!

We have this rock‘n‘roll band
We are the Kids of the underground
Our numbers keep raising fast

Same old nasty Rock n Roll
(Same old nasty rock n Roll)

A Shooting star is not what I am
I am here to stay
I have to make a stand, yes we have to!

An anti-hero of the modern times
Back on the top and then struck to the ground
From there it only goes down down down

I want this dream of mine to last
I want it all and I need it fast!

Same ol nasty Rock and Roll
(Same ol nasty Rock and Roll)

We live day to day
Like they re being our last
We get our kicks
We are playing loud
This is who we are
We like the sound
Life is short
Same old troubles
Same old ball and chain
This is how we live!

The lights are on I hit the stage
I am set to rock you all
I won‘t fade away

Same ol nasty Rock’n’Roll
Same ol nasty Rock’n’Roll
Same ol nasty Rock’n’Roll
Same ol nasty
Same ol nasty
Same ol nasty Rock’n‘Roll

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Toby Ventura
Mastered by Aldo Lonobile
Drums recorded by Tight Drums Paderborn
Vocals recorded by Menny Leusmann at Monkey Moon Recordings Dortmund

Music and Lyrics by Roman Patrick Becker and Nikolaos Adamopoulos

Filmed & edited by Dirk Behlau
at Kir Royal Lounge Dortmund, Germany
Additional footage by Damir of Burning Tiger Productions
FX by Pixeleye Industries

CobraKill are:
Vocals – Nick Adams
Lead-Guitar – Randy White
Rhythm-Guitar – Tommy Gun
Bass – Crippler Ramirez
Drums – Toby Ventura