ronnie atkins 22if you can dream it22 official music video

If You Can Dream It – Official Music Video


Another day another penny in the wishing well
Another aim another blow and you come undone
You seek a miracle you’re pleading for a pinnacle
A shot of fortune you just wanna be someone

But you’re like getting nowhere
You know something better lies ahead

If you can dream it you can do it
You’ll go all the way
You’ll discover a side of yourself you don’t know
If you believe it you’ll go through it
Have a little faith
And you know don’t ever let go never let go

You wan’t the swagger and a flashy personality
You’ve got to delve into your self confidence
What really matters is the power and ability
To resurrect restore and reinvent yourself

Gotta dream with ambition
Be the man for the mission


Don’t set sails without yourself
Be the captain of your soul
Spin the wheel of fortune and let it roll


Ronnie Atkins- Lead and Backing vocals.
Chris Laney- Guitars and Keyboards
Pontus Egberg- Bass
Allan Sörensen- Drums
Marcus Sunesson – Guitars
Linnéa Vikström Egg – Backing Vocals

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