Roadkill – (Official Music Video)

Directed and produced by Dan Peach & Evelyn Wolf
Director of Photography: Ben Thompson

The band:
JJ – Vocals
Dan Peach – Rhythm Guitar
Leisl Heath - Bass
Aimee Violet – Drums
(Lead guitar on studio recording by Steve Lethal)

Actors: Richard Walton, Jamie Pagett, David Fenton, Ian Quayle, Dave's uncle John

Lead Hair Makeup and SFX: JaqD SFX

Thanks to: Chris Wilkinson for the Mustang, The Condemned MCC, and Jamie Pagett for the use of Ashcroft Park

Dan Peach’s custom Baphomet guitar by Chris Baxter at Whispersmith Guitars


High speed maniacs
Chaos from the streets
Mayhem’s back on the menu
and it’s time to eat
Voracious destruction
A rite of passage
We’re all scarred, we’re all damaged
Come get ravaged by a godless savage

We’re built for speed, not built to last
Give me
A sawn-off shotgun and a bottle of Buckfast

We are
How can your heart beat
when you’re crushed into the concrete?
Carrion on the highway for the crows to eat
The living dead with nothing to lose
This town is a graveyard
And we’re the ghouls

Faster than a rocket
Sent to end the world
A designer death wish
For all the boys and girls
Sweet lady justice
Left without a trace
Cupid’s gun jammed
and exploded in his face

In the face of Death, you’ll truly know me
Put your pedal to the metal and drive me like you stole me

Turbo killer
It’s time to deliver
I’ll Watch your world burn
In my rear-view mirror