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Rise Again – Official Music Video

From the new album from SoleDriver, RETURN ME TO LIGHT. "RISE AGAIN" Lyrics: (Verse 1) When you’ve waited for so long And every day feels more than wrong Remember nights when you could fly So high above the sky Memories are standing there The Good, the bad They’re everywhere No time to run, no time to hide Your heart is built to care (Pre-Chorus 1) Don’t blame yourself or compromise You’ve got the chance This is your time (Chorus) To Rise Again In a world that never mends It carries on and And always spins It’s waiting there for you To Rise Again (Verse 2) I know how you are feeling Believe me when I say You’ve had the spirit in you From the moment Of your first day I see what’s going on inside In me you know you can confide The candles burning brighter The weight is getting lighter (Pre-Chorus 2) Keep The Faith And don’t deny You’ll lose some battles Not the fight (Chorus) So Rise Again In a world that never mends It carries on And always spins LINE-UP: Michael Sweet - vocals Alessandro Del Vecchio - guitars, bass, keyboards, backing vocals Michele Sanna – drums

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