evermore queen of woe lyric video

Queen of Woe (Lyric Video)

21 апреля 2023 выходит альбом.

Music & lyrics by Andreas Vikland/Johan Karlsson
Video by Stefano Mastronicola


Crashing tide of sadness drawing the sea, a story untold
Watching her breath turn to mist in the cold

Soothing waves of velvet under her feet
On the shoreline
The steps of a daughter that never grew old

Under the waves a silent tomb
Imagination sparks a brand new era

The queen of shores and open seas
Wears a crown made of seaweed and salt
Strong and bold as in fairytales of old
Down in the deep blue cold

Once upon a blue moon a lifetime ago, the story would tell
Of daughters and sons and the heroes that fell

By an endless ocean the wonder of youth
On the shoreline
The steps in the sand washed away by the swell

A new beginning meets the end
For kings and queens in a brand new era

When the sea of strife takes a hold of you
The sun will set over waves of blue
As the story ends in the depths below
Until kingdom come for the queen of woe

Johan Haraldsson – lead and backing vocals
Johan Karlsson – lead and rhythm guitar, bass, keyboards, orchestration, backing vocals
Andreas Vikland – guitars, drums, orchestration, lyrics