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LYRICS “Black Flamingo”

What if i could speak?
What if i could be more than a deliciuos feast
and spread my wings again.
Standing on a leg i see you hunting for my tongue,
i am your prey.
You will enjoy to see me laid on your well sparkling tray.

“i’m black coloured flamingo and my taste is gonna get you.
I’m black coloured flamingo and my wings are gonna get you”

Pink should i be.
How did i get as i am?
How i become this?
Please let me speak.
No i am not what you think.
i’m gonna feed you,
I’m Black Flamingo.

“Oh my dear, let me clearify.
let me clearify my point of view.
I know your pain, i feel it too.
It’s really hard to has been choose
to be our food.
Stop complain yourself my friends
wait, reflect, you surely cannot blame me
i’m sure you cannot blame me
blame me for your aspect.
But wait, reflect,
remenber that Flamingos,
remember that Flamingos are usually not black.”