notorious eternal fire official video

Notörious – Eternal Fire (Official Video)

“Eternal Fire” is a track of the sophomore album release “Marching On” from Notörious which was released on January 19th, 2024!

Video filmed and directed by: Marcello Riffo

“Marching On” is a continuation of the anthemic heavy metal heard on their debut album “Glamorized” (2020). It is full of catchy tunes that will make you want to party all night!

Although the album is deeply rooted in classic rock and glammy heavy metal, NOTÖRIOUS includes a sub-genre of which their native home of Bergen, Norway is known for; black metal – creating their own spin to the genre; “True Norwegian Glam Metal”.

It is clear that NOTÖRIOUS has evolved into a different beast with “Marching On”, delivering a more raw, honest and less polished live sound. A pure rock & roll album at its core but with a vigalant attitude – exactly what you need.

“Marching On” was recorded and mixed at Polyfon Studio by Leif Herland, and mastered by Rhys Marsh.

The album artwork was created by Italian artist SoloMacello.