no name faces we are not alone official lyric video

NO NAME FACES – WE ARE NOT ALONE (Official Lyric Video)


Verse 1:

Saved by the bell
I’ve been lucky once again it ended well
Dark thoughts to fight
But I managed to ascend towards the light

Pre-Chorus 1:

When winter comes and the ground beneath us shivers
We, We’re not alone


Rain or shine it doesn’t really matter
I’ll face my fears in any kind of weather
You held my hand and helped me understand that
We, we’re not alone

Verse 2:

A plaster on a cut
As deep as the sea will never heal
But as all of us know
Plasters will fall off despite how we feel

Pre-Chorus 2:

When clouds are grey we can find the silver linings
We are, We’re not alone


I was lost I was weak it was getting hard to breathe
So ashamed of myself my emotions underneath
Trying to pick up the pieces of what I used to be
The other part of me