no name faces my hero official lyric video

NO NAME FACES – MY HERO (Official Lyric Video)

NO NAME FACES – MY HERO (Official Lyric Video)



Verse 1:

You’ve left this earth, you did your part
showed us love, and who you are
Your memory is in our heart

Verse 2:

Our thoughts will take us to happy days
You’ve done so much in so many ways
Gave us tools to be ourselves

Verse 3:

I wish I could pause rewind
Play it again, what was left behind
Memories and moments with you


Time will heal you used to say
It’s hard to believe
I think of you still every day
cause you were


My hero, my fighter, my friend (always by my side)
my hero, my guide, till the end


Time goes by steps I take
but my bonds with you will never break
within my heart there is a space forever
Life goes on I look ahead
bring along the things you said
Day by day, nothing taken for granted