no name faces it hurts official lyric video

NO NAME FACES – IT HURTS (Official Lyric Video)



Verse 1:

What is going on, I feel unease, deep inside my chest
Lately I’ve tried to call, countless times, you’ve closed the door completely

Bridge 1:

You’ve always been my angel by my side, so something must be wrong

Pre Chorus 1:

I heard you, I saw you, by coincidence
wrapped around another man getting more intense
I lost my head started to scream what the fuck is going on


How could you let me down I trusted you, you lied, you went behind my back
Broke my heart in pieces got me out of track
you didn’t care about my pain
when you left and flushed me down the drain, it hurts, it hurts

Verse 2:

What did I do wrong, why did you leave, what made you cross the line
Sometimes, I blame myself, should have known but couldn’t see the signs

Bridge 2:

How can I move on and trust again, my confidence is crushed

Pre chorus 2:

An anger, erupting, I’ve lost my self control
all the disrespect and shame have taken its toll
we had it all, you didn’t care to even say it to my face