night sins burn away official video

Night Sins – Burn Away (Official Video)

Shot and directed by SAMUEL JØRGENSEN

2024 Born Losers Records

Yeah I have a face that’s wrapped in plastic
I wear the mask for you to see
Razorwire’s automatic
Cutting me up but I don’t bleed
I have a face that’s wrapped in gold
I hide the scars way underneath
Keep the secrets I’ve been told
Erase the fault and failure

Burn away
My system’s wasted
Can you taste the kerosine?
Yeah come embrace it
Shed your skin
The razor’s clean

Been choking down your broken glass
I’ll bite off more than you’d believe
Wait for the sharpest pain to pass
Inhale the ghost of you and me
Forgotten every word and name
I’m not here this isn’t me
So put me out just how I came
I’ll follow down my maker

I fear the coming days
Does hell await?
Am I worth saving? Oh
I tried to pray for rain
How heaven’s grace escapes me when I’m low

I drown through everyday
A beggar’s fate
Sink with the roads you know
I kiss the hand that holds the chain
And then we sever slow
Burn away