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NESTOR – Caroline (Official Video)

On The Move

The day of plenty, never is the greatest.
The best day is a day of craving thirst.
Yes, there is a meaning in our journey —
But ‘tis the pathway, which is worth our while.

The thing to aim for is a nightlong rest,
Where the fire’s lit and bread is shared in haste.

In places, where you go to sleep but once,
Your sleep is safe, your dream is full of song.

Move on, move on! The new day dawns ahead.
Endless is our marvellous adventure.

Karin Boye 1900-1941

Directed and Edited by: Henke
Cinematography by: Fredrik Bäckar fsf
Sanna Borg: as ”Caroline”
Colourist: Kajsa Kiuttu Tint
Film processing and scanning: focusfilmlab
Rental: Kameraten
Film stock: kodakshootfilm
Special thanks to: SMoK