myrath into the light official video new album karma out march 8th

MYRATH – ‘Into The Light’ – (Official Video)

From the upcoming album ‘KARMA’ (March 8th, 2024)

Into The Light

That moment
When you think you’re broken
Many words unspoken
Waiting for the sign

You’re drowning
Thunderclouds are growling
And your soul is howling
Now rise and shine

Overcome the weakness and the pain
How much of your life you’ll lose in vain
Now It’s your call
Either embrace the night
Or dive into the light

It’s inside you
Lead the battle of life
Dive into the light
It’s inside you
Better make the leap of faith into the light
Blaze into the sky
Like a Phoenix
Rising from your relics
Over mounts and oceans
Till you reach the stars

Walk among the brave
Walk and lead your battle
Time will heal your scars