magnitude 22of days renewed22 official music video

Of Days Renewed – Official Music Video

Directed by Derek Rathbun

of days renewed
in the darkness I still dream
I dream of days renewed
of times when more believed that we could change the world
but these times they wear away
these wounds take their toll as hope is stripped away from another broken soul
so many broken on the inside as the light fades from their eyes that searched for something so hard to find – a sense of purpose in this life
what will you find
what we do in this life echoes for eternity
so heal what’s broken on the inside
reignite the light in your eyes
continue searching as you mend
of days renewed dream once again
as sun fades away behind the hills into shadow as starless night covers day I’ll find in me the will to march on
I dream of days renewed
and when I breathe my final breath of days renewed I’ll dream again