lords of black for what is owed to us official video

Lords Of Black – For What Is Owed To Us – Official Video

From the album “Mechanics of Predacity”.

“For What Is Owed To Us”
Music and Lyrics by Tony Hernando

Tell me…who is given the burden
So they rule over tears and blood
Who’s absolved from evil… when we all sell our souls

Out of the Tower of Lies
Where dreams turn to madness and die
We rise now a flag of revenge
For what is being owed to us

Can’t stand… greed is breaking my conscience
’cause the Anti Christ’s clever… he knows how to mislead me
Will I stand or will fall?

Chorus x2

Produced by Tony Hernando
Mixed and Mastered by Roland Grapow

Lords Of Black are:
Ronnie Romero – Vocals
Tony Hernando – Guitars
Dani Criado – Bass
Jo Nunez – Drums