liquid tension experiment hypersonic official video

Liquid Tension Experiment – Hypersonic (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Video by Christian Rios

“Hypersonic was the last song we composed of the four new compositions. We knew we needed an opener that was just going to take peoples’ heads off from the minute you hit play. Paradigm Shift opens with this 5 second run that just punches you in the face. This time around we open with a 30 second run before we even settle into the main riff and groove. It was absolutely designed that way and to me it’s kind of a cross between Acid Rain and Paradigm Shift mixed with a lot of The Dance of Eternity kind of insanity. We purposely threw everything including the kitchen sink into that one.” – MIKE PORTNOY

“As we were putting the album together, we all felt that there needed to be a track that had some chops and speed and that frantic nervous energy that a song like Paradigm Shift from the first LTE album or Acid Rain from LTE2 had – something heavy and full of energy. This song definitely checks off that box. There are a lot of intricate, full-band unison moments where the challenge is to be as locked as possible and I think those types of passages on this song are a testament of how well we work together. This song really reflects the personalities of all four of us and has a lot of very musical, as well as quirky moments, that just make it a very fun ride.” – JOHN PETRUCCI