nobro lets do drugs official music video

Let’s Do Drugs – (Official Music Video)

Created by: Dan Esteban Jeremy Shantz Jennifer Wade LET'S DO DRUGS LYRICS Let’s do drugs The kind of drugs we used to do Back in the 90’s before I knew you Let’s do drugs We’ll throw our caution to the wind And you know that we’ll do Drugs drugs drugs drugs drugs drugs I got some gravel and some Tylenol three A guy at work said he’d sell me weed I think I saw sales of wippit whipped cream and we’ll do drugs drugs drugs drugs drugs I feel so it itchy I don’t believe in anything no more It’s been downhill since I turned 24 It’s only midnight could we do just a little more Drugs drugs drugs drugs drugs drugs I have a list I’ll make demands You know this could be our last chance Let’s die tonight Let’s shit our pants Let’s do go crash on our high school Puke on the steps We’ll do drugs Your mom will never notice that they’re gone And if she did she’ll think she counted wrong I brought a mickey to go along with all our Drugs drugs drugs drugs drugs drugs NOBRO: - Drums: Sarah Dion - Lead vocal & bass guitar: Kathryn Mccaughey - Electric Guitar: Karolane Carbonneau - Piano & Bongos: Lisandre Bourdages Background vocals: Nazar Klepatskyy Produced, Mixed, and Recorded by Dave Schiffman at Mixart, Montreal CA. Additional recording: Thomas D'Arcy Second engineer: Nazar Klepataskyy