leave. longing to believe feat. being as an ocean official music video

LEAVE. – Longing To Believe feat. Being As An Ocean (Official Music Video)

LEAVE. – Longing To Believe feat. Being As An Ocean


silent screams in crowded rooms
masks of pride they wear
craving validation’s touch
a hunger born of despair
with every step, the darkness creeps
consuming all in its wake
a symphony of hollow souls
a masquerade for egos sake

we’re prisoners of our own design

the ego’s cruel embrace
a web of lies we weave
moving through the emptiness
a longing to believe

painted smiles and empty eyes
a circus of deceit
they chase the ever fading light
desires turn bittersweet
the masks they wear grow heavier
the burdens hard to bear
as ego’s whispers lead astray
a solace never found in there

let us learn to see beyond the veils we wear
to heal the wounds of ego’s past, to breathe in open air

Producing: Sawdust Recordings – Christoph Wieczorek, Julian Breucker, Vince J. Ebicht
Mixing & Mastering: Sawdust Recordings – Christoph Wieczorek
Songwriter: Martin Eurich, Georg Cotta
Lyricist: Benjamin Beiche

Director/ DOP/ Edit: Max Cramer