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KISSIN’ DYNAMITE – My Monster (Official Video)

Written, directed and produced by Mirko Witzki (Witzki Vision)
Starring: Madmoiselle Peachy
Special Thanks: Eloria Erlebnisfabrik
Make Up Artist: Rebecca Goergens
Assistant Camera and B Cam: Fabian Riediger


So blind A venomous smoke caught my mind
Discomfort eclipses the light
Something is on its way

Cold sweat
The palms of my hands gettin’ wet
A shiver runs down from my neck
Predators overtake

Pulse is racing fast
As I lose control The adrenaline kicks in

All my life I’ve been running away from a monster
A monster in me Though I try I just can not escape from the monster
The monster haunts me
I’m running I’m runningBut I feel the monster coming
I’m running I’m running
Running from my monster

No doubt I can’t lift my feet from the ground
The demons have tackled me down
I’ve given up long ago

So strangeI built my own prison and cageI know that I’m digging my grave
The echo is going on
A creature deep inside my head
Awakens in the twilight zone It’s lurking like a constant threat
And the story keeps going on (On and on and on and on and on)