w.e.b. into hell fire we burn official video

Into Hell Fire We Burn – (Official Video)

Music: Sakis Prekas
Lyrics: Hel Pyre

Directed by Christos Doulgerakis
Cinematography by Dimitris Marinis
Produced by The Storyteller Studio
Special Effects by Alahouzos FX and Snuff Masks

I could drown in my own despise
suffocate in sweet demise
I feel the anger eating me alive
I pretend and I'm a fake

My eyes scream wrath with every blink I take
A malicious perverted stalker
My lust for sexual decay consumes my every sense

My pride serves to kill the guilt
Pretension makes my ego split
Sloth, Greed, Hunger knit my burial gown
I envy you I bring you down

Villains and sinners in Hell's Fire we burn

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