immortal return to cold official lyric video


No Sun At Horizon, Cold Stars Hold The Sky
„Silence Of The Gods“
No Light At The End Of Its Day
Blashyrkh I See Cold In My Sight
Blashyrkh To Me, Eternal Ice

Horizon And Mountains, Under Clear Northern Sky
A Distant Sea Of Frost
No Tide At The End Of Its Waves
Fires They Sleep A Blinding Sky
Fires They Sleep Eternal Ice

Out In The Cold, Under The Stars
Winter And Snow, Frost And Nordlight
No Thunder No Storm, Call Of The Old
Silence Of The Gods, Return To Cold

Blashyrkh Be My Home, Return To Cold

Honor The Great Mountains
And The Skies Of The Gods
Embrace The Forest Tall
And Let The Ice Become My Throne
Blashyrkh To Be Cold In My Sight
Blashyrkh I See, Eternal Ice

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