vulpine higher anarchy official music videos

Higher Anarchy – (Official Music Videos)


Music written and performed by Vulpine

Music recorded and produced by Mark Tindal / Open Eyes Productions

Video shot, directed and edited by Marc Sharp

This Higher anarchy
It’s hard to navigate
So you break the rules
That you were never told
Imprinted on the young
Scorching their soul
Are these your friends or foe?
You will never know…

So don't sweat or fidget
It’s easy it to miss it
Look them in the eyes
And stand up tall
Wake up so fucking early
To start the fight again
Does this feel like home?
You cannot bare this any more

When you cannot see the sun
And you can’t trust anyone
I want to be there with you
But I can’t see this through

I want to feel alive
I want to feel alive again
Cause I'm dead inside
I'm dead inside my mind

I don’t want to hide
I don’t want to hide anymore
I don’t want to hide
I don’t want to hide anymore

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