heartrage save yourself official playthrough feat. tasos lazaris vocals

HeartRage – Save Yourself (Official Playthrough feat. Tasos Lazaris vocals)

My new single, ‘Save Yourself,’ is now available for streaming on every platform. Special thanks to Tasos Lazaris for lending his amazing voice once again and doing justice to this track. I also want to thank Prior Wynter from Sphynx Studios for guiding me through the mixing/mastering process; his mixing course was an eye-opening experience, and I definitely recommend it to every DIY artist. This song is a soul-stirring anthem that delves into the profound realization that true strength and agency lie within oneself. We alone hold the power to shape our destinies. Links to my music and my profiles on the link bellow

Gear used:
SSL Products
Plugin Alliance Products
Softube Products
Logic pro x
Bogren Digital Products
otto ii ii ii
Line 6 Pod Studio UX2
Pod Farm + Metal Pack
Audio Assault Products
ML soundlab Products
perfect drums
Addictive Drums 2
Steven Slate Drums
Akai mpk mini

My Guitars :
Custom Katara Guitar made by Magic Attic Guitars
Jackson SLXDX X Soloist Satin Black
ESP-LTD MH-400B Black Satin
Hagstrom Three Kings Super Swede
Aria-pro with Dimarzio pickups
Hardwood Villanelle

Oppo a94 5g
Video edit on iMovie