hands like houses panic lyric video

Hands Like Houses – Panic (Lyric Video)

Panic is the third song off our next batch of songs under Volume 2 – S T R A T O.

Panic is a response to over stimulation, conspiracies, misinformation and the growing confusion that seems to keep arising. Whether it’s what’s in our water or when the world is ending, each day seems like there’s more of a reason to panic than just trying to be a human being. We are constantly distracted and taken away from simply being.

Written and performed by Hands Like Houses
Additional music and production by Callan Orr
Produced by Callan Orr & Alexander Pearson
Vocals Engineered By Ben Woolner
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Callan Orr at Avalanche Studios

Editor – Oliver Rudloff

I feel like a worm crawling out of a corpse
I’m twisted by the times that have never been worse
I’m told it’s getting better but I know we’ve been cursed
Now we’re speaking less and we’re burning the earth

Feel the panic
Taste the static around you (drowning)
Body bending back like a Mannequin
Burning through our veins like it’s heroin

Cover up my eyes before I cut them out
Teach me how to breathe, before I start to drown
Keep me on a leash, cause it’s all that I’ve known
Bury me alive, I got nowhere to go

Am I the disease ?